What you need to know if Stéphane Garelli is doing a keynote address for you.

Upon booking you will receive a contract for signature (including conditions concerning travel, accommodation and ground transfers).

One month prior to your event, you will receive a logistics report that outlines outstanding questions concerning accommodation and pick-up arrangements if required, emergency contact numbers, etc.

One week prior to your event, Professor Garelli will prepare a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation that will be posted to an ftp web-site. This version can be used for testing on the conference projection system and for the production of hard copies if required. Professor Garelli will need to run a short technical check with the production team shortly before his keynote address: he will provide the final version of his presentation from a USB memory drive onto the conference PC at this time. He will have his portable PC with him in case of problems. He will need a projector and a tie microphone (depending on the size of the audience).

For security and copyright reasons, Professor Garelli’s presentation must be converted to PDF format for posting on an intranet or for reproduction on CD. The copyright clause below must be indicated on the PDF file. Under no circumstances should the PowerPoint file be circulated as such. Hard copies must not be circulated to participants until AFTER Professor Garelli’s presentation.

All materials are copyright protected and are provided for consultation purposes only. No electronic or other recording is permitted without prior permission. No transcript, hard copy, CD or intranet distribution is permitted beyond the audience and attendants at the event. If reproduction permission under this clause is sought, it must be obtained in writing and additional fee may be charged. In the event permission is granted, then recording or transcripts will be limited for in-house use only and should not under any circumstances be utilised for commercial or other gain.